PQA - Measuing the personal qualities and abilities of aspiring health professionals

Presentation at 29th International Congress of Psychology, 20-25 July 2008, Berlin, Germany.

(International Journal of Psychology 43, 2008, 764)

Munro D, Bore M, Powis D

Personality determinants of interpersonal professional behaviours in medical students.

We have been exploring aspects of personality that may be used to predict the interpersonal skills of medical students and doctors, including those relating to the treatment of patients/clients and those concerned with relationships between medical professionals (e.g., Munro, Bore & Powis, Australian Journal of Psychology, 2005). We describe an extension of the work with ten further facets of personality that have also emerged as relevant, centreing on mental health and self control factors. The results suggest a revised model using three composite dimensions. This model will be discussed in relation to existing theories linking personality and interpersonal behaviours.