PQA - Measuing the personal qualities and abilities of aspiring health professionals

Presentation to XXVII International Congress of Psychology,

Stockholm, 23-28 July 2000.

(International Journal of Psychology 35, 2000, 119)

Munro D, Bore M, Kerridge I, Powis D

A self-report measure of ethical behaviour potential for medical students.

This research began from a search for a more comprehensive selection procedure for medical students, to include separate assessments of ethical reasoning and ethical behaviour. Professional concerns about the behaviour of some medical students focussed on their insensitivity to fellow students, to other professionals and to the needs of patients, attributable to poorly developed empathic skills or to excessive concern with their own needs and aspirations. Self-report questionnaires were assembled and administered to large samples of medical school applicants and others. Psychometric analyses suggest the presence of four partly independent factors, provisionally labelled narcissism, aloofness, confidence and empathy.