PQA - Measuing the personal qualities and abilities of aspiring health professionals

International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology Congress, Pultusk, Poland, 16-21 July 2000

Moral and interpersonal orientations in medical students: a comparison of Australian and Israeli findings

D Munro, MR Bore & I Kerridge

The University of Newcastle, Australia


For a series of studies of moral/ethical behaviour in medical students, two types of inventory were devised: a test of Moral Orientations based on the Justice versus Care model of Gilligan (MOJAC), and a self-report inventory of person-oriented behaviours along an Empathy -Narcissism dimension (ECAN). Factor analysis of large samples of Australian medical school applicants indicated that MOJAC measures the dimension of Libertarian (emphasis on the needs and rights of individuals) to Communitarian (emphasis on group expectations), while ECAN yields one, two or four 'personality' factors which are generally unrelated to moral orientation. This paper presents a comparison of the Australian findings with those obtained from medical students in Israel, which indicate that the structures of the data sets are similar but that differences emerge in the pattern of scores.