PQA - Measuing the personal qualities and abilities of aspiring health professionals

Test scores and interpretation

The results for the Mental Agility Test are given to a medical school as scores that express the number of correct answers, together with an indication of the standard of each applicant's performance relative to norms calculated from samples of similar age and academic background.

Similarly, the results for the Interpersonal Values Questionnaire, the Interpersonal Traits Questionnaire and the Personal Characteristics Inventory are provided as three scores, with an indication of how an individual’s responses compare to norms derived from large samples.

Note that there are no correct answers to the questions in these three tests; they are designed specifically to measure:

Tests 2, 3 & 4 measure Involvement (empathy and ability to deal with others), Resilience (the capacity to work under pressure) and Self-Control.

Below is an example of the report form that Medical Schools and other Health Professional Institutions may send to their applicants who complete the PQA tests.

A sample report form for the PQA tests showing scores for each of the 4 tests, plus an explanation of what the scores mean.