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Taking notes


Are practice tests available?

No, there are no practice tests other than the sample questions shown on this website.

How are PQA test results used to select students?

Our organisation provides the scores to the medical school (or other institution) to which candidates have applied, and the medical school will consider them when making decisions on whom to admit to its program of studies.

NOTE: PQA does not release details of the way PQA tests are scored, because this information if known would help other candidates unfairly.

Can I obtain my PQA scores after I have taken the tests?

Our organisation does not release scores directly to individuals who have taken the tests. All questions about your results should be addressed to the medical school or institution to which you have applied.

How can I ensure that I get good PQA test results?

For MAT: by carefully considering the questions and applying sound logic to solving them.

For the other tests: by being entirely honest, and not attempting to guess what answer is favoured by the tester. It is in your best interest to answer honestly as indications of lying can be detected and could compromise your results.

I have taken the PQA tests before and didn't get into the course of my choice. Does this mean that I failed one or more of the PQA test sections?

PQA testing is not based on a pass/fail model. Your scores in each test component will be compared to other applicants’ scores, and the best applicants selected to fill the places available at the institution to which you have applied. Note that PQA scores constitute only one component of an institution’s selection procedure. Failure to gain admission is more often a consequence of competition for the few places available on a particular course, rather than on poor performance, so you should not be discouraged from applying to other courses.

Is it likely that I will improve my PQA test scores if I take the tests again?

Our experience is that the scores of repeat test takers do not change substantially, and might be worse in some cases.

Are the tests available in languages other than English?

Some of the tests have been used in some countries where English is not the first language. When so used the questions have been translated into the local language (including German, Japanese and Swedish). However, all candidates for a particular medical school or institution must take the test in the same language, so you cannot ask to take the test in a different language.

Can the on-line PQA test be taken at home?

No. To maintain security of test content, and to be assured of who is actually taking the test, all testing is conducted under appropriate supervision at approved locations.


Can I use the tests for my own research?

Interested academic researchers based at recognised institutions are invited to make contact and submit a brief proposal of their intended research to the PQA team for consideration. Please note that a per capita charge will apply if test use is approved.

If my research proposal is accepted will I be given the scoring guide for the tests?

No. All test scoring and result reporting is conducted securely by the PQA team.

My institution is interested in using PQA to select our students for health professional courses. What do I need to do?

Student selection personnel based at recognised institutions are invited to make contact with the PQA team and provide details of their request for consideration. Please note that a per capita charge will apply if test use is approved.